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Suzie’s Gourmet Gifts provides the ultimate corporate gifts. We are an artisan bakery that specializes in gift boxes and baskets specifically created with you, and your clients, in mind. Each one of our gift items is handcrafted and guaranteed to be a unique gift that is perfect for any budget.

From our specialty roasts of coffee to our signature gourmet “Itty Bitty” shortbread cookies, quality and love are our main ingredients. We want you to stay top-of-mind and create that lasting impression with a friend or client through one of our incredible gift sets.

Not only do we provide essential gift boxes and baskets that are designed to create a lasting impression, we also produce some amazing marketing tools for you and your business like our Logo Cookies. Most people have no idea what logo cookies are which makes them a unique item that is sure to draw attention for any business. We can take any logo you have and print it onto an icing sheet, which is then adhered to a shortbread cookie using fondant, icing or chocolate.  

Be assured you will have a one of a kind gift with Suzie’s, as each item is handcrafted and all of our baked goods are original recipes that have no preservatives. Each product is prepared fresh each day for your gift.  

Our neighboring office is a coffee roasting company that has been in business for over 25 years. With their decades of experience, they have created a unique blend of coffees for Suzie’s that are not only organic but some of the best coffee on the market today.    

On top of having a desirable selection of baked goods and coffees, we also provide branding gifts that make perfect “leave behinds” for your clients. These products directly compliment our selection of baked goods and coffee and are sure to create the desired “lasting impression” for any business. From mugs, bowls, cheese/cutting boards, Cutco knife, travel mugs and beautiful chopping boards that can be engraved with your custom logo or message, we can create a unique gift set that can suit your customers needs, as well as your own.

Each branding gift is of the highest quality and can be imprinted with your business information. We have a full list of branding gift options and are happy to pair them with our baked goods in a customizable box or basket created specifically for you or your company.

We strive to provide excellent customer service and help improve your customer based referral marketing campaign because we aren’t just a bakery, we are a marketing company. In today’s business environment, gifts are an integral part of nurturing relationships and creating new and lasting clients. With that in mind, there are 4 things every gift should represent:

Quality:  Each gift given should maintain a high quality.

Usable: Every gift should be usable by the receiver. As much as a paperweight that looks unique may be interesting and high quality, it is still just a paperweight.

Important: It should represent an important occasion whether it being a welcome to your company, thank you for closed business, customer or employee appreciation. There are many important occasions you can honor with a gift.

Personalized: It should be a personal gift not only for the gift-ee but for the gift-er. Instead of giving a gift card for the purchase of a house, a new high-quality knife and unique cutting board for the kitchen might be more appropriate. Your thoughtfulness will show with a personal touch.

These 4 elements of a gift are of the utmost importance and can help to further establish your Customer Based Referral Marketing campaign (CBRM). CBRM is the most cost-efficient, effective, and reliable form of marketing any business can do. The better you treat your clients, especially after the close of business, the more likely they are to refer friends and family to you.

Every customer becomes your brand ambassador and offers free marketing opportunities as they talk about you and the amazing product or service you have provided. You receive the benefit of continued business and continue to build your customer referral base which ultimately leads to new opportunities as you develop your relationships.

If you have any great gifting ideas or new recipes and flavors you would like to share please feel free to contact us at any time!  We hope your Suzie’s Gourmet Gift makes the difference in your business and that we can continue to provide top-notch products and services to you and your clients!

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