Believe it or not, corporate gifting at Christmas can be a source of stress and a beneficial experience all at once. The stressful part is finding the perfect gift. Every year we kill ourselves trying to find thoughtful gifts that show how much we value our relationships whether they be with an employee, partner or vendor.

When we nail a gift it gives us a rush of good feeling vibes and can strengthen the bond between the giver and the receiver. Gifts that were made with the recipient in mind can also generate sentimental gains. The more effort the recipient believes you put into the gift the greater sentimental value it will have.

For all these reasons and more, edible gifts are at the top of the corporate gift giving list year after year.

Top Reasons Why Edible Gifts Bring Joy and Merriment.

Everyone has their own unique sense of taste, but we can all agree edible gifts are a joy to unwrap. Handmade cookies, cakes and edible gift baskets are as popular as ever this Christmas.

Mass Appeal

Is your company doing a secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange this year? Do you want to pick a present that anyone would be happy to walk away with? There’s no quicker way to someone’s heart than gourmet foods. Our brains are hard-wired to react positively to the thought of eating delicious food. If you make sure to fill the basket with treats you know they’ll love it will also show you put thought into the gift.


Gourmet edible gift baskets offer great bang for your buck. The general composition of a gift basket suggests value because the recipient is getting a large variety of small gifts. With each new item they discover the recipient gives the gift a greater value. It’s also easy to increase the sentimental value by adding a few personalized items.

Personal Without Being Too Personal

Edible gift baskets can be personalized in a variety of ways to suit a specific taste. One addition that’s perfect for a corporate gift basket is the logo cookie. Logo cookies feature a high quality rendition of any logo in icing. It’s a guaranteed way to make an impact with customers, clients and partners that own a business.

Attractive Presentation

There’s a lot to be said about presentation. When someone hands you a big, beautiful gift basket like the ones created by Suzie’s Gourmet Gifts it’s sure to put a smile on your face. Everything is carefully pieced together to create an impressive arrangement. They’re so beautifully designed some people actually delay digging in.

Doubles as Décor

Who doesn’t love a gift that can double as décor or serve a functional purpose long after the holidays? It’s a gift that just keeps giving.

Enjoyable Alone or With Others

Are you that kid who shared their Halloween candy with siblings and friends, or the type that enjoyed eating your candy little by little so it lasted longer? With an edible gift basket you could do either. You can share the goodies with co-workers or enjoy them one day at a time over the holidays.

Suzie’s Gourmet Gifts Offers the Ultimate Corporate Gift Giving Experience.

Suzie’s Gourmet Gifts in San Diego, CA caters to customers in the corporate world. If you’re looking for edible gifts that will leave a lasting impression you’ve just found your go-to resource for deliciousness.

We offer edible gifts for all major holidays as well as personalized gourmet gifts that will make any recipient feel extra special. Each artisanal treat is crafted using the highest quality ingredients for an unbelievably delicious experience.

Unwrap the goodness this Christmas – see what Suzie’s Gourmet Gifts is whipping up for the Christmas season this year!

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